четвртак, 12. август 2010.

Vital Weekly review - NUNDATA - ENTROPY (cassette C62 by Rainbow Bridge)

More artwork from the universe is covering the tape of Nundata, a noise/drone project from Japan. The repeating sounds create a drony atmosphere, but the sounds are harsh, low, high, crunchy, dark, brutal and have no mercy. Slowly he build up his strong repeating soundlayers to a big deafening silence. You will find the harsh noise at side b of this cassette. Great music for the  lovers of noise music. The track at side a is more quiet, but has the same purity as his noise. With basic long-repeating sounds he climbs from the silent tones and waves to melodic and rhythmical elements, who are destructed to noise. He experiments with all kind of combinations of sounds, but I think the composition will be much stronger when it is shorter. The second track has an ambient atmosphere which refers to meditative moments created by synthesizer/organ and electronics which are similar to Tibetan singing bowls. The music of Nundata is promising and I am looking forward to more of his combinations of his drony noise. (JKH)

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