недеља, 15. септембар 2013.

review on WHITE NOISE...DADA

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Year:  2013
Country:  Serbia
City:  Belgrad
Artist:  Srdjan Eftimovski
Label:  no
Format:  CD
Tracks:  3
Time:  42 minutes
Genre:  electronic
Style:  Harsh Noise, Drone
Hundreds of tracks from the best HARSH NOISE here is what you hear, without any doubt and with its own personality and distinctive sound, largely achieved by the sound so rude, crude and junk, very difficult thing to find these days, where most bands sound the same. It certainly looks Eftimovski Srdjan note carefully their sound and production, not only in this work but in all its productions. The musician from Belgrade (Serbia) not only makes HARSH NOISE but it is also important to note his innate talent with the graphic work of their publications (artwork, covers, etc…) And all this makes each listen is all a very intense and pleasant or unpleasant, depending how you look. It is true that many albums has tirelessly “harsh noise wall” but also repeatedly demostado ability to enter land ambient and drone more. Since its inception in 2009 has recorded 40 albums plus several long splits with other bands such as HARSH NOISE: Gyakusatsu, Astro, Julia LaDense, BBBlood, tjere, Meinkinder, Vasectomy Party, Social Drift, LordxGonzo, Ecoute La Merde, Visdomstann, Wormhead, Illegal Alien, Crank Sturgeon, Alexander Adams, Colonel XS, Grassa Dato, etc.