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Musique Machine review Nundata - Inundata [Smell The Stench - 2009]

Nundata is a rather mysterious noise project I’ve seemingly been able to find little about…it’s even unclear were the project comes from some sources claim Japan others  Serbia. Inudata is the first of a trilogy of concept albums but like the project it’s self’s it’s difficult to find any info on what the story is behind the album the only clue we have is the track titles “Last Iceberg collapse” & “Tsunami Warrior”.
Anyway as well as all it’s mystery Nundata builds a rather original & distinctive sound here which is through is certainly grounded in noise mangers to take influence from wider experimental music forms & genres too. And so onto the music;  the album is split up into two tracks & first we have the longest “Last Iceberg collapse” which just sneaks in over the half-an-hour mark. The track starts off very unexpected(for a noise releases anyway) with this harmonic almost weary pop bass-line played out on often wavering keyboards. On top of  this is added at first electro Gamelan type attacks & playfulness, then as the track progresses more teeth gritting noise sheens, sears & static sprays of noise texture. Also the Gamelan elements start to become a lot more fierce & distorted as the pieces goes on a more bent rhythmic elements are also into the mixes but they never become too constant- the track just really darts & boils around in a very creative way with all manner of analogue synth attack, rapid Gamelan feed-back fuckery, ect, with that bass line still surfacing ever so often from the controlled chaos. And the most important thing is the track is kept entertaining & curious though-out its lengthy running time.
Lastly we have “Tsunami Warrior” which is slightly shorter at just over the 20 minute mark. The track starts out with this sort of circling static wheel tone which is akin to been circled round & round on an icy pond by someone on roller-skates. As the track goes sudden attacks of creative noise mater are fired at you like harsh bubbling tones, slowed electro Gamelan or ice like attacks & all manner of chugs, sears & sudden boiling walls of sound rise up. But through it keeps return to the almost ‘cute’ Rolla skating on ice tone, there are also the harmonic nudges here too, but nothing as consistent or obvious as the baseline on track one. Again this track is another very intriguing & interesting take on noise- I guess this track at times brings to mind Merzbow at his more harmonic & creative noise making mode.

And so Inundata is rather original, creative & entertaining slice of noise making that’s very worthy of your time if enjoy noise that has harmonic & playful edgers, yet is still serious about making clever, dramatic and compelling sound.
Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

link to review: http://www.musiquemachine.com/reviews/reviews_template.php?id=2261

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